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Saturday, December 26, 2009

12:52 AM - Dead Blog

Here lies a dead blog.

Posted By Chris @ 12:52 AM

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

8:28 AM - Bring it back

DH, The site needs some work. I say we bring it back up & running.

Posted By Chris @ 8:28 AM

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

12:19 AM - Salvatore Lorenzo Avveduto

In an effort to contribute to the Blackhouse Society of Boston I have recently begun researching for a post that will be entitled "people I would never fight". In the course of my research I have stumbled upon the website of one Salvatore Lorenzo Avveduto. Check it out...

Disclaimer: the following pictures are not the property of the BSB or in any way a reflection of the views shared by the members of the BSB

Posted By The Chet @ 12:19 AM

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Monday, July 04, 2005

7:34 AM - Leaving for 3 Weeks

The Deotch leaves you with this image so you can contemplate your own inner and outer mysteries. Also so you can wonder what happened to Dan (fourth column from left, bottom row). I'm gonna be peacing out for a few days, click here to find out more. But I bid you adieu, and I expect to see many more posts. Later kids.

P.S. a pilgrimage to blackhouse would be a good idea before the Halls move out.

Posted By The Deotch @ 7:34 AM

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Sunday, July 03, 2005

10:50 AM - Beer Related Topics of Interest

In the news: A tragedy has occured in europe, the systematic execution and extermination of literally thousands of innocent yugoslavian beers has occured. Some might call it beerocide. I call it an earth shattering travesty, the images of this will stay with me forever.. If only we had been there, maybe those beers would not have died in vain.

Also, speaking of beer, click on this link to learn all about how the DeBeers mining consortium has tricked you in to thinking a stone that has little to no function for a person not involved in industrial fabrication has become the only way to say "forever" to the woman you love.

De Beers at Wikipedia.

Diamonds are forever, yes, but so is just about every other friggin' mineral out there. I mean granite is forever, but you don't see morons spending 5 grand on a pebble they found at Salisbury Beach. I mean its a little scary when you think about it, do we even know WHY diamonds are so romantic? Weird.

Posted By The Deotch @ 10:50 AM

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

3:45 PM - Holy Crap: From fragmentation to open contempt

This is a computer that has been cared for in a slightly negligible way.
Not that Adam would know what any of this means any way...friggin Mac user.

oh and I just feel like everyone needs to see this:

I feel like this is one of the more amazing pictures I have ever seen in my life. Its something I wish I had been responsible for, truly beautiful work. Great framing, excellent lighting and background composition, great focus in the foreground. I mean truly great stuff. But anyways, yeah, I wanted everyone to experience this with me. Thats how much you guys mean to me.

Posted By The Deotch @ 3:45 PM

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

1:32 PM - jury duty

it's one thirty in the afternoon and i just returned home from fulfilling my civic obligation of jury duty. before i get into how everything went i want to fill you in on my "jury duty history." this was my third time being called up for jury duty, which is actually a lot. you're only supposed to be summond once every three years, but something happened and my name got pulled again and i couldn't find the little slip that said i had done jury duty in the last three years so...i had to go again.

not that that was a problem for me. i really, really, really want to be on a jury! i don't know why, exactly, but i feel like it's something that is very important in our justice system, the trial by a jury of your peers, and if i was ever in court being charged for a crime, or sued, or suing someone else, then i would want a jury to hear my case...it's the least i could do for anyone else then.

the first time i got called i lived in medford and got called to a courthouse in framingham or someplace like that. it was far away and hard to find, but there were no cases that needed a jury that day so it didn't take long and we were able to go home fairly quickly. i was bummed, but also like "cool, at least it didn't take all day like i thought it would."

the second time i got called my permanent address was in beverly and i got called to a courthouse in salem. this time there actually was a case that needed a jury. we all got called into the courtroom and the judge sent some people home right away. not me though, i actually got called up to sit on the jury stand...i was so excited...then one of the lawyers kicked me off the jury for no reason, i guess they're allowed to do that. so i went home again, this time even more bummed than before because i was so close, i mean, i really thought i was going to hear the case that time, but i didn't. lose.

that brings us to today, or to about a month and a half ago when i received the summons. i was pretty excited at first because i was being called to a boston courthouse. you see, both of the other times i had gone there were only about twenty other people who had been called, so this time i thought, "surely boston will have a number of trials that will need a jury. there will probably be a few more people there, but i'll still have a pretty good chance of sitting on a jury."

well...there were a few more people in the jury pool this time...about 250 more people!!! i mean, jeez, i stood in line for ten minutes just to tell them that i was there!

we were supposed to be there at eight, so that's when i got there. i told them that i was there and was given a card that said i was on "panel #10, juror #16." there were seventeen panels in all and i don't know how many jurors were on each panel, but i guessed it had to be at least sixteen if i was the 16th in my panel. that's at least 272 people!!!

anyway, it wasn't until ten after nine that everyone had arrived and been confirmed to be there. a woman came up to the podium at the front of the room and said that a judge was going to come in and explain some things and then there would be a seventeen minute video and between the two most of our questions would be answered. the judge did come in and made some joke about how there were probably only four or five people in the room that were actually somewhat excited to be there and possibly be on a jury. that got a chuckle from everyone, i laughed in my head and contemplated throwing out my "wrecking laugh," but refrained. i guess i have some respect for hizzonor.

the judge continued by saying that it was important for us to be here and that there were seventeen other judges in the building who were at that very moment calling forward a number of trials, both criminal and civil, to determine whether or not they need a jury or if the two sides can come to an agreement without the need of the trial. after hizzonor was done the video played which basically walked us through how the jury was selected from the jury panels.

well, that ended at about nine forty-five and the woman came back up to the podium and said that they should know how many trials would need a jury by about ten thirty so we had a break until then, but we must be back in the room by then! if we weren't and our panel was called and we weren't present then we wouldn't get credit for the day of jury duty.

another thing i have to say before i continue...i worked the overnight last night, so i hadn't slept at all before going into my jury duty, even now i haven't really slept all that much since ten o'clock yesterday morning. also, before work last night i went to the red sox game with lucas (thanks, lucas!!!) and i couldn't take my bag into the park, so i had nothing to keep me occupied while waiting in the jury pool. no book, no magazine, no ipod. just my cell phone, my wallet and my keys. that being said...

i thought to myself, "forty-five minute break? aw, i'll just stay here, lean back in my chair (which were pretty comfy and reclined nicely) and close my eyes for a bit, since i'm so tired." so that's what i did.

the next announcement was made at twelve fifteen, two and a half hours later.

i slept for about eight percent of those two and a half hours. the other twenty percent i spent playing texas hold 'em on my cell phone and reading a newspaper that i bummed off of someone who had finished it. people got restless after about an hour. you could hear moans and groans every once and a while, people were up and down out of their seats, asking the court clerks (or whatever they might be called) if they had any info on when we would know what was up...

i just tried to sleep.

but then the lady got back up at the podium and announced that panels 1-6 would be alllowed to leave for a lunch break (which they had told us would be at one pm), but they had to be back in a half hour. she then said that she would have an announcement for the rest of us shortly and it was then that i knew i wouldn't be getting on a jury today.

i was right. fifteen minutes later she returned and thanked everyone for coming, but there were only six trials that needed a jury, so we weren't needed, but it was because we were there that the other trials were able to be settled without an actual trial and that she would see us all again in three years.

so i left the courthouse a little bummed out and very tired, but having learned a few things. first, the "one day or one trial" system of serving jury duty is much better than the old system of having to serve for a full thirty days consecutively, which was done nation wide up until the early seventies or some time like that (and still is done in some states, they said, though i don't know which ones. probably tennessee, alabama and/or utah). massachusetts was actually the first state to put into practice the "one day or one trial" system statewide.

and also...if i do want to be on a jury someday, it might be better for me to go to a smaller court where the jury pool is smaller. so, maybe in three years when i respond to my summons i'll ask to serve my jury duty in another county or something. or maybe it won't be three years...maybe i'll "lose" my jury duty certificate and get called up again in only one or two years! whenever it is, i'll be sure to let you know how it goes that time.

- adamov killidol, esq.

also...7-11's pre-made sandwiches are very good and i recommend them.

Posted By adamov killidol, esq. @ 1:32 PM

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

3:28 AM - OK so...

In lieu of the fact that NOBODY IS POSTING!!!!!!!!!!! I've decided to provide a small link that should hold you all over until I come up with some that is actually original and funny to put up here (this could take a while). Conan O'Brien, best known for his cheeky and self-deprecating style of humor, is also the purveyor of a populare television show called Late Night with Conan O'Brien. A segment that often appears on Late Night is Triumph The Insult Comic Dog, best known for being the funniest frikkin' thing on television. To view the latest installment of this segment in what I can only hope will be one of many, many more, click here.

This is D.H. Bathon, master of excessive verbosity, signing off.

Posted By The Deotch @ 3:28 AM

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Saturday, June 11, 2005

12:41 PM - The First Battle (in a thick scottish brogue)

The Dream vs. Howie
(...a what if...)

The night is dark, the storm is strong. The charles is choppy and the rain rises the tide along the banks of river.

All power in Cambridge is out, light is nowhere to be found. The masses of intellectuals hide in their dormitories eating easy mac and lighting novelty candles they bought at Newbury comics freshman year.

In spite of the rain and in search of activities, Howie Mandell mounts his unicycle and goes off into the night.

..Across the river from MIT, the dream sits in a sub-basement of Harvard Grad School. With the electricity out, he must use his forbidden Voodoo powers to fix the latest malfunction. No rodents dare cross his path, for they sense the truth; he is king of the animal kingdom.

While envoking the dark arts and consumed with mystical venezuelan voodoo, the dream catches the scent of Howie. Threatened by the thought of randomness and Freewill procured at MIT, the bloodlust begins. The hunt for manmeat takes over and the computer repairs will have to wait.

Above the raging torrents, a lone light illuminates the Harvard footbridge. The wind is stronger, as if nature understands the battle for humanity that is about to take place.

While juggling 5 bowling pins in one hand and creating mathematical origami in the other, Howie stops his unicycle at the bridge when hearing a carnal yell. A mist twirls and blows into the divide.

Across the bridge is the Dream. Knowing he must end howie, his wings flex underneath his breakdancing shimmering sleevless shirt. Howie is the light force that brings confusion and bliss to all situations; perplexing the wit and confouding the ignorant. If Howie is successful in total mind control, people will learn how to fix computers themselves.

This genocide of computer techies will not occur as long as the dream succeeds.

At 3:10 am the man dance begins..

Howie removes his nike sports backpack and launchesa volley of .07mm mechanical pencils towards the dream.

The dream becomes mist and allows the arrows to permiate his vapor entity. Following the pencils, dream returns the favor by releasing edge-sharpened cd's towards howie.

Howie creates a full body armor shield using origami and blocks the discs.
Steadfast and smiling, Howie begins to lead church songs with a booming clap.

The dream cannot take the psy-ops tactic used by his enemy and runs the length of the bridge and launches into the air with his wings. He flies around, eats a few birds then swoops in for a fatal blow with his talons.

As dream comes in for the kill, Howie thinks fast. Trying to pick his brain for a suitable defense, he removes the LIVESTRONG(tm) bracelet from his wrist and jumps onto the dreams back.

Flying around and battling in the air, Howie manages to fold the bracelet into two and bind dream's wings together, plunging both of them into the rapid current of the Charles.

Thankfully, both are amphibious and use their gills to breath underwater.

While in the river they gaze at each other and have a psychic discussion:

"::We are strong ::
::We have ManDanced::
::We are One ::
::Together we can win the world:: "
Rolling onto the banks they reconcile their differences and return to their respective domains.

With the sunrise comes a new day and a Howie/Dream union of bliss.

Posted By Chris @ 12:41 PM

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3:50 AM - greatest phone conversation of my life!!

i call nan ling's chinese food restaurant...

chinese girl: hi, nan ling, may i he'p you?
me: oh, nan, i need food!
nan ling: okah, you wan' pick up food?
me: no, nan, i want delivery.
nan ling: okah, wha' your address?
me: the park plaza hotel, valet office.
nan ling: ooohhhhhhhh...valet office...you wan' chicken finger, beef teryaki an' por' fry rice an' two mountain dew?
me: oh, yes, nan! you know me so well!
nan ling: okah, thirty minute.
me: thank you, nan, thank you!

...it's taken nearly three years, but my dream came true tonight!

Posted By adamov killidol, esq. @ 3:50 AM

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