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Thursday, June 09, 2005

12:35 PM - 2nd Day! New look!

Already we have a new look. I figured out how to get the menu to stop blocking the banner, which allowed me to move the banner back to its original place (up about 50 pixels), which allowed me to put a bigger banner with more people (except for tizz, tizz I don't have any good pictures of you, find me one) and in the end give the site a cleaner look. Holla.

Oh, and Dan, come on man! That shouldn't cut it as a first post. Gotta do better. See what I am doing? I'm not even being funny, I'm just talking, its like the people (and I pity these people) who are reading this are right here with me. Its not that I'm being funny Dan, thats not the point, I'm involving them in the inner-workins of The BSB! They can live the dream with us, in whatever sort of vicarious and pathetic way they chose, and its all possible because of this beautiful site. A post doesn't have to be funny guys, we can all just live our lives on this site, and give others a venue to live our lives like we do. Look at Adam's life, how glamorous and debonaire (pfffffff...*stifled laugh*)! All of us want a little of Adam in us (add a heavy dose of sarcasm here), and now we can! Thats Blackhouse Society of Boston. Uselessness of the Highest Order. Thank you, and goodnight.

/its 12:35 pm
//just wanted to use the Bekins "Double-Slash" Principle.

Posted By The Deotch @ 12:35 PM

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