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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

11:18 PM - Blackhouse Society's Inaugural Message

My name is D.H. "The Deotch" Bathon. Some of you may know me as Randy from Life of Randy (Now with version 2.0!)

Recently, it has come to our attention here at Blackhouse that the internet lacks meaningless content. Sure, you can spend your days browsing the RSS feeds looking for s0-called "news" about such topics as the economy, Britney Spears, the war in Iraq, or how France, as a general rule, sucks at everything. Obviously this information is available in droves to the individuals who seek it, and its consumption comes easy to those of us with tighter sphincters and lonely social lives. But who has that kind of time to fill their minds with times, dates, names and other such factual information.

Drivel is the word of the day, and blogging is the clown by which the pie of uselessness will be delivered to the face that is America and her constituents. We at Blackhouse Society of Boston have no purpose, but we do have a goal. As a collective, none of us are sure exactly what this goal is, nor would we agree upon said goal should we show the initiative to get together and formulate one. Our goal, and I am almost 67% sure I speak for all of us when I say this, is to have no purpose. For it is common knowledge that men without purpose have vast amounts of time to do purposeless things.

Thats right! Uselessness of the highest order is prize for which we strive! Banter, babbling, gibberish, idle words and thoughts (maybe even hands), gobbledygook, hogwash, babble, balderdash, gibberish, nonsense, a whole lotta' poppycock, rubbish, alot of stuff, and needlessly long ranting all delivered to YOU with a tight, clean look and in a timely fashion!

Even if you didn't ask for it, your getting it anyhow because we know you want it. Heckfire, you NEED it! So sit back and get your blank, detached facial expressions ready. The call has been heard and the Society has assembled; Welcome to The Blackhouse Society of Boston.

Posted By The Deotch @ 11:18 PM

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