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Saturday, June 11, 2005

3:50 AM - greatest phone conversation of my life!!

i call nan ling's chinese food restaurant...

chinese girl: hi, nan ling, may i he'p you?
me: oh, nan, i need food!
nan ling: okah, you wan' pick up food?
me: no, nan, i want delivery.
nan ling: okah, wha' your address?
me: the park plaza hotel, valet office.
nan ling: ooohhhhhhhh...valet office...you wan' chicken finger, beef teryaki an' por' fry rice an' two mountain dew?
me: oh, yes, nan! you know me so well!
nan ling: okah, thirty minute.
me: thank you, nan, thank you!

...it's taken nearly three years, but my dream came true tonight!

Posted By adamov killidol, esq. @ 3:50 AM

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