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Monday, July 04, 2005

7:34 AM - Leaving for 3 Weeks

The Deotch leaves you with this image so you can contemplate your own inner and outer mysteries. Also so you can wonder what happened to Dan (fourth column from left, bottom row). I'm gonna be peacing out for a few days, click here to find out more. But I bid you adieu, and I expect to see many more posts. Later kids.

P.S. a pilgrimage to blackhouse would be a good idea before the Halls move out.

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Sunday, July 03, 2005

10:50 AM - Beer Related Topics of Interest

In the news: A tragedy has occured in europe, the systematic execution and extermination of literally thousands of innocent yugoslavian beers has occured. Some might call it beerocide. I call it an earth shattering travesty, the images of this will stay with me forever.. If only we had been there, maybe those beers would not have died in vain.

Also, speaking of beer, click on this link to learn all about how the DeBeers mining consortium has tricked you in to thinking a stone that has little to no function for a person not involved in industrial fabrication has become the only way to say "forever" to the woman you love.

De Beers at Wikipedia.

Diamonds are forever, yes, but so is just about every other friggin' mineral out there. I mean granite is forever, but you don't see morons spending 5 grand on a pebble they found at Salisbury Beach. I mean its a little scary when you think about it, do we even know WHY diamonds are so romantic? Weird.

Posted By The Deotch @ 10:50 AM

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